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Foster social cohesion by designing programs that engage communities in the practice of listening.


We design programs with community development and outreach at the core. Our projects invite discourse, develop soft connections and contribute to a more resilient, interconnected society.

Education &


Education programs teach the importance of listening as a tool for community development, and incubators lead to social good projects relevant to local communities.


Projects provide practical, hands-on opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others and contribute to stronger, vibrant communities.

& Research

Social good projects yield fruit for the everyone. Diving into gathered materials to discover valuable, sharable information allows others to find value in projects too.

Summer 2023 NYC Program

Our summer Listening Lab program is over! This 6 week learning and doing experience focused on social practice, audio/video production, and content creation. Our NYC 2023 program was in partnership with the Loisaida Center.


Interested in having a Listening Lab program at your center or organization? Get in touch!

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Example Projects

Building Social Infrustructure

Amidst an epidemic of loneliness, heightened social division, and ongoing pandemic recovery, the imperative to establish connections and foster a sense of community has become more pressing than ever. At Listening Lab, our mission is to cultivate social good projects that fortify social infrastructure, enhance community well-being, and promote human flourishing by means of participatory art. We collaborate with a diverse range of entities, including institutions, non-profits, educators, brands, and other organizations, employing a listening-based approach to our work.

Ways to work with us

Program Design

We'll work with you to create a program that best serves your people. Throughout the program development process, collaboration and communication with the community and stakeholders are essential to ensure programs meet the community's needs and are culturally appropriate and relevent.

Community Engagements

Our methods impact communities of any size, from city-wide initiatives to small teams. With a brief training session, participants and local volunteers are equipped with the lasting skills to engage their community through listening.

Host a Workshop

During interactive sessions focused on enhancing skills in listening, social cohesion, and community development, participants learn how to navigate complex social dynamics, and foster inclusivity within their communities. Our experienced facilitators provide a safe and supportive learning environment, tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each group.

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