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To foster social cohesion by designing programs that engage communities in the practice of listening.

This is what it sounds like.

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"Last year, I used to get in so much trouble. I used to be a really bad child: Getting  arrested, always getting the phone calls home from school. I was really bad. And over the year I really found myself, and that I don’t need to act out, because there’s really no sense in it, and now I’m a different person."

Washington Square Park

New York, NY


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"I think individual behavior change is  a part of the solution, but It's not necessarily accessible to most people without the policy changes that would  enable people to make different choices in their daily lives.

I think we see policy changes that are positively affecting behavior by like eliminating single use plastics and making it, an option for people to use paper or reusable bags. So yeah, I think policy change is absolutely  mm-Hmm.  the solution in that way. Yeah. We cannot hold, individuals responsible for what is a situation of bad, bad policies and  corporations."

Marketplace of the Future

New York, NY


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"I feel like, like it happened for a reason. Everything happens for a reason. So I feel like I just got to embrace it now. Just step into it and do what I need to do. And I just want to help people and bring joy and happiness and help people."

St. Nicholas Park

New York, NY


"No, one's going to be happy for you. So just live your life. I've noticed that, especially in the past year, no one wants to see you win.

Like, I thought nobody wants to see you lose, but nobody wants to see you win either."

Coney Island

Brooklyn, NY


"No matter what your parents are people as well. And once you understand that they are people, you start understanding that they have struggles, but they had you. So they were able to keep pushing forward and make sure that you are right. So I'm going to make sure that, I know I'm going to pass on my troubles to my kids, but at the same time... they're going to understand that I love them."

Washington Square Park

New York, NY


"We missed the human element. I don't have friends. All my classmates, none of them are my friends.

I didn't know anything about them. We finished the whole semester. No communication, no email communication, no telephone communication. I don't have anyone to ask. If I have some challenge, you know, someone from my classmates, has a better knowledge, give me some feedback, opinion. Give me some direct.

That part is gone. You see what I'm saying? Everything is by yourself. And you feel like: You see them, but you don't know them."

Jackson Heights

Queens, NY


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"A lot of people are pretty much paying attention to the Asian hate and the thing is that's always been going on. And the fact that, it's a mainstream thing to know that. is such a frustrating thing because people are like, 'now you guys know, and now you guys understand what it's like to be a minority'.

It's like, no, we've always understood you. It's like for you, it's the first time that you're knowing we're a minority, where you thought of us as not being minorities. So it's pretty frustrating."

Prospect Park

Brooklyn, NY


"I'm the type of person that lives in extremes. I'm either really fucking happy, or I'm like,  fucking on the floor of the bathroom. Like that is my life. No in between.

No in betweens. Yeah.


Yeah. Seriously. I swing back and forth. So I guess I want to find some contentment, some fulfillment, but I recognize that happiness 24 seven is not the goal.

Nor do I even think I want that. Like, Have you ever been in a relationship that is so good and there's no blips or anything. And you're almost just like. Ah, you almost want a little something. Like, if I haven't cried in months, somebody make me cry.

I want to feel something." 

Bryant Park

Brooklyn, NY


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"It's been a very I don't know year"

Washington Square Park

New York, NY


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Our Process

We design programs with community development and outreach at the core. Our projects invite discourse, develop soft connections, and contribute to a more resilient, interconnected society.

Education &


Education programs teach the importance of listening as a tool for community development, and incubators lead to social good projects relevant to local communities.


Projects provide practical, hands-on opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others and contribute to stronger, vibrant communities.

& Research

Our social good projects yield fruit for the everyone. Diving into gathered materials to discover valuable, sharable insights allows others to find value in projects too.

2024 Summer NYC Program

Our Listening Lab summer program is accepting applications! This 6 week learning and doing experience focuses on social practice, audio/video production, and content creation. The theme this year is "What is America?".

This program is for passionate young New Yorkers between the ages of 18-26 interested in exploring civic engagement, national identity, and unity.

Think you are a good fit? Apply using the link below.


Building Social Infrustructure

Amidst an epidemic of loneliness, heightened social division, and ongoing pandemic recovery, the imperative to establish connections and foster a sense of community has become more pressing than ever. At Listening Lab, our mission is to cultivate social good projects that fortify social infrastructure, enhance community well-being, and promote human flourishing by means of participatory art. We collaborate with a diverse range of entities, including institutions, non-profits, educators, brands, and other organizations, employing a listening-based approach to our work.

Ways to work with us

Program Design

We'll work with you to create a program that best serves your people. Throughout the program development process, collaboration and communication with the community and stakeholders are essential to ensure programs meet the community's needs and are culturally appropriate and relevent.

Community Engagements

Our methods impact communities of any size, from city-wide initiatives to small teams. With a brief training session, participants and local volunteers are equipped with the lasting skills to engage their community through listening.

Host a Workshop

During interactive sessions focused on enhancing skills in listening, social cohesion, and community development, participants learn how to navigate complex social dynamics, and foster inclusivity within their communities. Our experienced facilitators provide a safe and supportive learning environment, tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each group.

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